5 tips to add joy to your business trips

 5 tips to add joy to your business trips

Many people annually travel around the world in order to conduct their businesses, attend a conference, exhibitions, firms, trade shows, etc. In the first place, maybe it seems very delectating to have such an opportunity to have to travel around the world to run and progress your business, however, after a while, it will get very frustrating. Believe me, the struggle is real! Being all the time waiting in airports for flights, deal with delays, unknown conditions of residence in destinations and many more dilemmas that a person has to address due to reach to his/her goals. So, it is not all fun folks! BUT there are some beneficial tips which with applying them, you can bring fun and joy to this aggravating situation and make your business trip much more resemble your vacation. Here are 5 TIPS TO ADD JOY TO YOUR BUSINESS TRIPS:

1. Take advantage of the fitness facilities in your accommodations

First of all, why on earth I put this one the first tip?? Because business travel can be stressful, and nothing beats stress like a workout or a dip in the pool. Check out the fitness facilities at your accommodations when you arrive and make sure to schedule some time to blow off a little steam on a treadmill or go for a relaxing swim, it can make all the difference on a hectic trip. When you stay with irxp.com, you can enjoy better fitness facilities than your typical hotel, so make sure to check them out! Ask about gyms, pools, Jacuzzis, and saunas, as well as other extra features of your apartments when you book with us.

2. Take an extra day if possible

Traveling for work can be stressful and hectic, especially if people have back-to-back meetings or a long trip. And the constant need to be connected means team members rarely have enough downtime to fully recharge their batteries. If you can convince your company (in case you are working for one) to add an extra day to your travel, not only will you be able to properly prepare for your trip, but you will be able to do at least one thing at your destination that interests you. An added bonus to this idea is that you will be less tired from your travel day and ready for your busy schedule.

3. appreciate the local foods

One of the biggest advantages of traveling for work in local foods! Do not stick with the chain restaurant while you have the opportunity to have a local meal. To eat at a location that you can get in your home town defeats one of the benefits of travel. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, take the time to dine at some of the local eateries in the city… your stomach will appreciate your efforts! 😊

4. Pick the Right Time to travel

To Save Money, Pick the Right Time If you’re traveling to attend a conference, keep in mind that they are often held in desirable destinations during that destination’s off-peak season. This timing makes it more economical to turn your work trip into a leisurely stay because hotel prices are as much as 50 percent lower than during peak season. Also, certain cities tend to have higher hotel rates on weekdays.

5. attend conferences and conventions at desirable destinations

Another way to combine business and pleasure is to schedule or hold conferences and conventions at desirable destinations. For example, attending a convention at a beachside resort can make it easier for employees to lessen pressure by taking advantage of the activities offered. If travelers have no control over the destination, it’s still likely that the hotel or resort offers some activities and services that can add a little fun to the trip.

Mehrdad Mahdavi – Regional Manager, Middle East

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