In today’s hectic world, manner and attitude for succeeding in your business are drastically crucial, especially in more official business that conducting a series of behavior is almost necessary. A business trip is one of those things that seriously need several preparations which without them a person cannot represent its business as sufficient as it is, probably. You should always remember who you are representing, so you would not cross the lines and indicate an unprofessional portrait of either you and your company. Being excessively casual or rude to hospitality staff at your hotel or restaurants, for instance, can leave a very bad impression of your employer among the people you meet.

In the following essay, we are going to cover some of the most expected and prevalent mistakes which if ever happened to you, will show you as an unprofessional individual:

1. Wrong reserved information:

Incorrect booking information is one of the most common errors in business travel management but also one of the most escapable mistakes. There are a lot of details to remember like trip times, routing and location – if one detail is off then the entire business trip schedule is affected. Not to mention, inaccurate travel information makes VAT reclaiming far more complex than it already is. You can easily avoid this error by double-checking or triple-checking the schedule and cross-checking with third-parties like IRXP.COM

2. Not investing in the right technology:

Consumer sites are dictating the behavior and expectations of an online booking experience. Travelers want the same user experience whether they are booking corporate or leisure travel.

Online Booking Tools can be designed by agencies or software companies. Given the complexity and ever-changing industry, very few agencies ventured into the OBT development (successfully). Software like SAP Concur Travel platform leads the market in Finance Technology Integrations (with modules for Expense Management, Invoice, AP, etc.)

3. Booking a poor hotel:

Read plenty of online reviews to pick out the best hotel for your needs, but consider contacting them directly for a better price, and check the location; don’t stay off the beaten track and then spend the mornings stuck in local commuter traffic.

Before partnering up with a TMC, ensure to research which online booking tool they are paired with. You don’t want to find yourself launching a program that can’t scale or interface well with your current systems.

4. Booking a Flight Last Minute

Last-minute booking is very common among business travelers these days. This is because there is a myth that airfares continue to rise every year, even if the price of oil is dropping, and that the cost of last-minute travel follows suit.

However, the opposite is true – there is more to the cost of last-minute travel than meets the eye. In fact, according to the, many airlines increase the price of their flights once the takeoff date gets closer. That is because the consumers most likely to book a flight at the last minute are business people whose travel expenses are covered by their company”.

Instead of booking a flight the day prior the trip, it’s better to book at least 2 weeks ahead of time. According to a study by Concur, booking 15 days in advance of flight is 22% cheaper than booking 8-14 days before the flight, and 48% cheaper than booking 0-3 days before the flight.

When the last-minute booking cannot be helped, then consider working with a Corporate Travel Management professional to ensure you access to the best possible deals on the right kind of flights. IRXP.COM would help you to book your flight and manage all the steps in this critical matter.

5. Overworking

Last but not least, spending a night or several travelling for business should not mean that regular hours are extended; neglecting sleep, food or water does not create a healthy business brain.

Of course, the company agenda remains the priority, but perhaps consider looking into the local entertainment options in the evening.

Mehrdad Mahdavi – Regional Manager, Middle East

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