Fastener Fair Turkey

Fastener Fair Turkey

“Fastener And Fixing Industry”
Fastener Fair Turkey is a 3 day event being held in March 2020 at the Istanbul Expo Center in Istanbul, Turkey. This trade event provides a valuable opportunity for manufacturers, distributors and end-users of fasteners and fixing systems to build partnerships, discuss the latest products and learn more about their fast developing market in the fastener industry within 2 exhibitions halls.

Exhibitors Profile

self-tapping/thread forming screws, bolts, socket head products, nuts, studs and threaded rod, washers and pressed parts, blind fasteners (rivets, rivet nuts, cage nuts), locking devices and seals, pins and keys, springs, clamps and rings, hot/cold forged fasteners and parts, stainless steel fasteners, non-ferrous fasteners (brass, titanium, aluminium, copper), plastic and nylon fasteners, fastener assemblies and combinations, self piercing/clinching fastener systems, oncrete anchors, mechanical, chemical anchors and resins, light duty anchors and fixings, concrete screws, faade and insulation fixings, interior fixings, wall plugs, drywall fixings and systems, wood/chipboard/decking screws, window screws/frame anchors, sanitary and plumbing fixings, nails, pins and staples, structural steel fasteners, self drilling/tapping screws, security fasteners for buildings, stainless steel fixings, other construction fasteners and fixings, weighing/counting equipment and services, packaging equipment, materials and services, storage and materials handling, computer systems and software, logistics services, other factory equipments etc.


10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Business)

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