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Book a flight to Mashhad with us and find out why the city is so popular with pilgrims. Iran’s second-biggest city, and its holiest one, was once a stopping point for traders en route to Turkmenistan. Today, the city, capital of Iran’s north-eastern Razavi Khorasan Province, draws visitors to the Haram, a shrine complex dating back to the 9th century. It is the most important place in the country, the largest mosque in the world by area and second-largest in terms of capacity.

Almost 20 million pilgrims come here each year to pay their respects to Shia Islam’s eighth Imam. Fly to Mashhad during the spring for the coolest weather and take an excursion into unspoiled Khorasan, or spend your time exploring the Haram and haggling for carpets in the city’s bazaars.

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