Stakes and conditions for the event’s contracts

a written event contract to outline the terms and conditions of your service is something drastically important. when you take on a new client for your event planning business, just a verbal agreement is never enough in order to ensure the success of the said event and meet the expectation of both sides of the contract. Having an event planning contract in place guarantees that both you and your client have a compromise of the work that will be completed and other necessary facets of conducting business together.
If you want to be hundred-percent sure and confident that you will not have any drawbacks and conflict with your client in the future, probably consulting with a lawyer is the best way to protect your benefits, however, if you run a one-man company and you want to operate all of your career aspects all alone, you have to consider a few points in the contract. Here are some points:

  1. identify all services: in order to clarify every right and duty of each side, it is best to mention every stake and condition, so none of the parties misunderstand each other in the future. Any party who disobeyed from the stakes, the other party has the right to ask the other one to conduct his/her duties.
  2. Cancellation: there are many situations that conducting contract will confronting difficulties perhaps by each parties or force majeure. in force majeure situation, there is nothing that each of the sides are able to do, however, in the other situation that one of parties is guilty.
  3. Timing: with most business to business (B2B) contracts, the issue of time is a matter for the parties and it is very important to specify the starting and ending the time of a contract in most of them. In the real world, where everything is fast-paced, timing is an essential element of a contract. Consequently, it is important to specify it in times of need. The event’s contract is of those contracts that timing could be of the essence of the contract, so it has to be done.
  4. Dismantle: dismantling of the equipment is of the stakes that could be included in the event’s contracts. By including this, one of the parties will commit to install and/or dismantle the equipment before and after an event.
  5. Pricing and material: This is one of the most important issues that should be meet in the stakes of the contract. There are a variety of methods that under them, pricing can be done; however, we are not going to explain each of them. In order to address the possible future conflict about this, it has to be clarified in the contracts.


         Emad Honarparvar – CEO and Founder

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